HARD CHARGIN' - New album out June 2017

Rev your engine and prime the pump - HARD CHARGIN' will be released in June 2017 by Red Fez.  Took forever, but it's worth it. I mean, look at that polar bear! 

Complete track list:  

1) Have A Drink With Dreadnaught (3:07)   
2) Gaudy Baubles (3:17)   
3) That's The Way That You Do It (My Way) (0:58)   
4) Takin' A Ride With The Fat Man (Fatta Fatta Puck Puck) (8:39)   
5) Bo-Leg-Ba (1:40)   
6) Express Delight (7:51)   
7) That's The Way That You Do It (Your Way) (2:09)   
8) Gets The Grease (1:21)   
9) Slave Girls (5:44)   
10) Mummies Of The Cobbosseecontee (10:41)   
11) That's The Way That You Do It (Our Way) (1.41)  

Dreadnaught is:   
Rick Habib (drums, percussion, vocals)   
Bob Lord (bass guitars, keyboards, vocals)   
Justin Walton (guitars, piano, organ, keyboards, saxophone, vocals)   

With guests:   
Chris Dow (flute on track 2, 6)   
Andy Happel (violin on track 9)   
Jonathan Wyman (“solo” on track 7)   

And special appearance by:   
A veritable shitload of analog effects pedals (all tracks)   

Produced by Dreadnaught   

All music and lyrics composed and arranged by Dreadnaught, except track 1 (lyrics composed by Dreadnaught, Jay Taylor, and Geoff Logsdon)   

All tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jonathan Wyman at The Halo, except track 4 (recorded and mixed by Chris Chase at 1130ft)   

Product design and graphics by Brett Picknell